Biosphere - Microgravity

One things leading to another, let's add to our shared knowledge this classic cover from the very first album of Geir Jenseen under the name Biosphere.
A brilliant release that marked the start of the ambient electronica era. The sign was printed in a dark silver grey. Despite my effort with this image, it was much subtly emerging from the black background than a screen image can render. This cleverly added a mysterious tone to this release.
The only caveate here is the type, that seems a bit oddly placed (not enough room on the left & right border, don't you think ?) that added a slightly cheap tone to the ensemble...
Besides, I always wondered if the slight progressive appearance of a white drop-letter was intentional or to be thanked to a lousy printer. Well, I like the idea that it was a way to give gravity and direction to the type and underline the album title...Who knows?
It has to be noted that many re-release have been done since, providing disastrous cover designs with an admirable consistency. 

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