The Breeders - Pod

Just like with Peter Saville, no decent page about design for music can exists without mentioning Vaughan Oliver (either as 23 Envelope, with Nigel Grierson, or lately as v23). Mostly known for the works he did for the 4AD label, this designer is more than just a graphic designer : he is a brilliant art director, that approaches the works as a whole, and his ability to manage as much typography, photography, illustration or printing subtleties gives his creations a sens of completeness that challenge the eyes. Well... let's say we do like his works ;-)

 But choosing a first work to share here is challenging too : aiming straight to a Pixies cover would be too easy. That's why we've chosen this one. The first LP from the Breeders, a side project from Kim Deal (Pixies) and Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses), released in 1990.
A cool design, with his trademark balance of type and graphics, and his love of mixing different typographies. But most of all, this is an interesting example of how Vaughan Oliver creates unusual designs : you have to imagine him dancing half-naked, holding a series of eels on his hips, in front of a photographer, to realize how dedicated he his to the Art! And at the end, it created a quasi abstract but fascinating and memorable image.

Above is the front CD version (different lay-out, downsized for the dwarf little brother), and below are some images of the booklet, and an image of the poster (badly cropped - any help here is welcome to share better images...)

Again, it is difficult to have screen images that reflects the subtlety of the color palette, so I encourages you to find a copy of the LP ;-)

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