Cabaret Voltaire - Here To Go

Want another name to drop in the game of the most famous designers in the world ? Here's one : Neville Brody. This is his sleeve design for the 1987 12 inch release of the Shieffield Electronic/industrial genius duo, Richard H. Kirk & Stephen Mallinder, Aka Cabaret Voltaire.
This was not the first of their collaborations with the Art director of The Face. Since the early eighties, the man had helped define a unique visual aura around these pioneers of experimental electronic rock.
But this one came at the apex of this period, both for Brody with The Face and Arena magazines, and for Cabaret Voltaire, with their last album before they embrace the House culture. 

The design was so evidently brodiesque : his trademark typography (not yet available as a font then), the use of geometric lay-out constructions, and the prominent use of a symbol created with his then-assistant Cornel Windlin, and inspired by the letters C O D E (from the album's title) : everything here was perfect, down to the use of quasi normal photography (shot by Marc Lebon), quite unusual at that time for Neville Brody, but with its soft green blue color treatment...
The ensemble, with its heraldic seriousness was fitting the blend of pop classicism and extreme creativity of this particular piece of music. I will post soon the remix sleeve design, that deserves a separate post.

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