Ostgud - Funf Compilation

From the German Ostgud Ton label came in november 2010 this beautiful front cover for their compilation.
A pure image combination that expresses how proteiform their sound is (Mainly Techno Dub, for those who like to know), and how bizarre their artists can make you feel through their music.
- The back offers an easy (and a bit dull) contrast through a simple type composition.

Vinyl back cover
- The inner poster offered a lots of additional image composition, yet it doesn't reaches the richness and originality of the cover (where images are enhanced by the soft graphics).

The poster, unfolded.

- A different combitation was used for the 2xCD edition, but sadly, it is far less elegant, as you can feel the "pressure" from the format : as everything is big, in-your-face, you don't that feel this strange lifeform is emerging from the dark background, and the results is more flat and, in a way, less "alive".

The cd version of the cover
Nonetheless, the vinyl edition cover is a beautiful and enjoyably disturbing object, isn't it ?

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