Released a few weeks ago on Young Turks, the highly anticipated debut album from this young English producer, gravitating in the dubstep galaxy for a while.
On a design point of view, SBTRKT is known for his love of wearing african masks (see below), and used this kind of image at least twice before to further build his visual identity. This covers confirms that he's into it for more ;-)
The picture is a bit more refined than the previous ones, and made to focus the attention on the colors of the mask. At small size, this strange voodoo glance catches the eye, but, judging from the image available, it has a bit of a deceptive home-made feel to it when seen at bigger sizes... Or is it the promotional image that suffers from an excessive compression...
There is also a limited edition LP with a 7 inch that I hope to share with you soon.

(Live picture)

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