Stephen Mallinder - Pow Wow Plus

From 1983, another classic work from Neville Brody, for the LP solo effort of Stephen Mallinder (one half of Cabaret Voltaire), apperaring first on the label Fetish, and re-released in 1985 on their own label Double Vision.

A very typical example of Neville Brody's first style, using reprography to manipulate of image and create abstract textures and expressive graphics. In the excellent Jon Wozencroft book "The Graphic Language Of Neville Brody", the artists explains : "This sleeve was about human ritual and human slaughter. In the media world of newscasters an advertisers, everybody becomes a viewer; conditioned to regard other people's suffering as no more than a form of entertainement. The bullring is a metaphor of this".

Please note that the CD edition (released in 1992 on Grey Area, is a sound adaptation that doesn't ruin the original design, as it sadly has often been with CD re-release...) 
Another point of interest is the Double Vision symbols and logotype Brody had created, and that you can see on the label. Why two ? No clue here about this, but both are simple and highly effective.

CD booklet (Back) - Same as the back of the LP

LP (Label, B-side)
CD Booklet (Inside)

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