Sun Electric - Natural Energy


And now for a classic one! Here comes the mighty Designers Republic, at the height of their talent, in a superb example of their "Information Overload" trademark style.
This record dates back to 1993, and was published on the famous belgian label R&S, that was not only on the forefont of electronic music at the time, but also pioneering visual explorations via sleeve designs, and succefully competing with Warp Records, to offer the best sound+visual experience possible.
Not only a beautiful graphism in general, but an incredibly creative work, with every single information turned into a logotype or a symbol.
The whole gatefold sleeve was superb, up to the spine, with useless and incredibly enjoyable informations everywhere, like some coded titles (A=1, Z=25) and multiple logos for the band or the Natural Energy Corporation (sic!).
Inside (Left)
Inside (Right)
 This was a joint-release from R&S and its ambient offshoot, Apollo. So there was R&S disc (left) and an Apollo disc (right). Both vinyl were transparent, and the labels were in the same orange color, but with the specific lay-out of each label.

A final note to point out the fact that you have to get the vinyl issue in your hands to really feel the greatness of the design (at full scale), and that no CD version of this exists. Go collector, go!
Note : You can buy the music here, but sadly with a dull generic cover image...)

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