The Velvet Underground & Nico


Another sleeve that became part of the general worldwide culture.
Certainly because it was a brilliant piece of music, sure. Certainly also because of Andy Warhol's fame. But also because it was a great piece of design. A beautiful illustration from the painter, and a brilliant idea : the banana was on a sticker that you could peel like a banana, as indicated by the line "Peel slowly and see". It then revealed the pink banana, whatever the interpretation you might imagine ;-) 
Quite a breakthrough idea : an interactive cover where your action was part of the art. Simply brilliant.
The back cover was quite simple with its straightforward typography, concert image and band members portrait. But there again, history knocked : during the gig, one of Warhol's film was projected upside-down ibehind the band.  The actor, Eric Emerson, threatened to sue over this unauthorized use of his image (his torso to be precise), unless he was paid... Instead of paying, MGM  decided, to stop the distribution and recall all existing copies, until the image was airbrushed. And as for the copies already sold, a large black sticker was affixed on each one of them!
Note that an original copy of this peelable torso copy will now costs you at least 2000 dollars...

Back (Torso version)

Later version with artist name.

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