Virgo Four - Resurrection

When the label Rush Hour decided to market a set of unreleased tracks from Virgo Four, one of the most respected House originator, they certainly knew collectors would jump on it, and they produced a strong line of design for the different versions of it.

Of course the main one is the vinyl box set pictured above. A styled type composition on the cover gives the release a striking presence on shelves, but also add a kind of "classic" feel to it (both composition and type are clearly inspired by the Futurist movement). This reinforces the status of must-have for the release.
But to be quite honest, opening the box was a bit disappointing, as it only offers plain colored sleeves for the 5x12 inches inside. Colors are cleverly chosen and match smoothly with the box set color, but in the end, you would expect more, would-it-be infos, or design details. (Besides, the cardboard is not thick enough and get easily damaged...)
The CD edition offers a radically different color for the cover, even if it keep some space to remind the serie of colors. In my humble opinion, the fact that the cd is far less original in its form sounds like a clear statement about the fact that "the real House addicts" are about vinyl, not this silly piece of plastic ;-)
(by the way, those rounded-edge plastic case are simply awful : heavy and vulgar...)

Final piece in the family, an example of standalone 12 inch vinyl featuring some of the tracks of the release. But then again, it refers to the CD design, as an indication that you really should go for the expensive complete boxset if you consider yourself as a serious House buff...

To sum it up, an bold design that could have been more strong with more "generous" when it comes to details, don't you think ?

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