Warp20 Box Set

Creating a design for a release that commemorated the 20th birthday of the Warp label was certainly a challenge. Not only did the release had to offer a real value (interesting content), but it also had to be an object up to the 20 years of creativity in sleeve design that the label had provided. This box set was not a disappointment.
This box set has an extremely elegant and qualitative design, either for the lay-out, images, colors, but also textures used. It was a beautifully crafted 10 inch square slipcase wrapped in charcoal Buckram embossed paper, with tipped-on gloss-laminated cover photograph. The design was by YES, and the photgraphies were by Dan Holdsworth.

The box set contains several objects. First, a beautifully produced 192 pages book, showcasing all the covers from all releases up to 2009 (under a black un-coated board cover with debossed and foiled typography).

Second, a set of various CDs package : one featuring new songs (2xCD named "Recreated"), one with older previously unreleased material from main Warp artists ("Unheard").
There was also a 2xCD ("Chosen") featuring a selection of personal favourite of co-founder Steve Beckett as long as the top ten voted songs by the fans on the website warp20.net.
Finally, a last cd featured an exclusive 1 hour compilation mix ("Elemental").

Third, it also included a set of locked groove vinyls for DJ uses (2x10" vinyls named "Infinite").

The design is articulated around a coloured Moebius strip, suggesting the on-going adventure of the label. The strip is done in photo-realistic 3D and included into images of nature, or urban landscapes.

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