Brian Eno – Small Craft On A Milk Sea

The ambient & experimental maestro Brian Eno joining forces with Warp Records for a new album was to be an event. On a design point of view, this release kept its promises : among the various formats available, the limited edition box set offers a rewarding experience.
This box set has a sepia cover image, showing the sea turned into a nearly abstract wave, underlined by a gold strip. The contrast between the rigid lay-out of the ensemble, and the natural subject (the sea) creates a powerful atmosphere. It truly prepares the listener for his trip through the music.

The box contains two 12 inches and 2 CD, housed in 3 folders of rigid card leaves. All folders offers nearly abstract front images, triggering imaginationas long as generating a sense of peaceful mystery. The general design is minimal, but rich : the absence of any information on the cover is nicely balanced by the presence of a square sheet with all the infos in a strict and typographic lay-out.

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