Cabaret Voltaire - 2x45

Original pressing 12" Front cover
It is not often that you can prefer owning a repress than the original release, but this cult EP from Cabaret Voltaire, co-designed by them and Neville Brody is a clear exception.
The original design was a fold-out in silver and black, conceived by Brody as a challenge to all record cover design conventions : he wanted to create a "Booby trap" inside, with the coloured images of the two 45 rpm records (4 labels below) contrasting with the neutral and informational tone of the cover.

So, there it was for the first pressing.
But the design of the repress, with its picture cover has become a classic piece. Just like the cut-up audio-video experiments of CV are now exposed in various modern art museum (MOMA, etc), this sleeve has become one of the highlights of the graphic design of the 80'.  

Repress (Front cover)
There, the images of faces with bandages, made with clay and photographed with a PMT machine, became an even more violent contrast, with the sharp and thin typography (one of Brody's own creation).

Repress (Back Cover)
The backcover, with its strictly organized lay-out, offers a complementary feeling. Here, the constructivist approach of Brody is evident : elements are separated, and organised in groups that visually balances with each others. This design gives plenty of room for the second logotype made for the EP title, that uses the same elements than on the front cover, but in a completely different fashion.

There was also a version of this EP with a cardboard wrap-up, featuring some more variations of the elements of the design (that were also recycled later for the CD version).

Cardboard (Front - close-up)
Carboard (Back close-up)
Below, as a final set of images for this post, are various extracts from the booklet o the CD version (1990). It seems that it was done carefuly in a design point of vie, and it respects the general design continuity of this piece. It feels like Mute askedc Neville Brody to have an eye on it...

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