Cabaret Voltaire - Here To Go (Remixes)

A follow-up to our previous post about the first "Here to Go" 12 inch designed by Neville Brody for Cabaret Voltaire, back in 1987. This set of industrial-oriented remixes done by Adrian Shewood was the occasion for Neville Brody to go even further into his graphic experiments, with a pure Type+graphics cover.
Here he built the design around his Typeface 6 font (a design he originaly created to produce the title logo of THE FACE magazine, and that was later made available through the FontFont foundry). 
The repetition of the title certainly reflects the numerous echoes from this set of remixes from Dub  maestro Adrian Sherwood, and the rigid justification also evocates the industrial edge of this EP.
(Back cover)
Besides, the ensemble gives a sense of power and autority that resonates interestingly with the song name, and the arrows, that might have been felt as a naive materialisation of the title, are taking a much more refined sense with the industrial and quasi topographic seriouseness of the lay-out.

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