Gotye - Making Mirrors

The third album of this one-man-band gets a beautiful painting as a cover, with a story behind.

Wally De Backer, the belgian-born artist behind this Australian wonder has been having painted covers  since its debut self-published album, and this new release follow the same path, but on a larger scale : as you can see below, the packaging of the CD is flourishing with art.
The cover, as long as the title comes from a painting from the artist's father in the 80', that De Backer found in his parent's barn (where he had set up a recording studio to create this album). As he explains, "I was clearing out some old stuff of mum and dad's and this piece had been hiding there for years, since the '80s when Dad painted it. Apart from appealing to me on a purely aesthetic level, I thought there were also parallels with how I like to uncover old bits of music and incorporate them into my songs."

This design follows the same abstract esthetic mood Gotye used on his previous covers, soon to be added here.

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