The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld

This 12 inch release from The Orb on Wau! Mr. Modo marked the beginning of the Ambient House music, back in 1989, genre that was to evolve into Electronica and Ambient during the 90'. Not only was it a ground-breaking release, with the main song reaching a good 19 minutes of an excellent slow sonic drift, but it was also a fascinating example of a great graphic design that was to evolve with each new iteration.

12 inch Vinyl - Back (1989)
Deepy influenced by the Dub technics, The Orb's Alex Paterson, then working closely with the KLF duo, produced an influencial blend of house and ambient, that introduced an unprecedented level of complexity for a dance record. The songs were both hypnotising (perfect for "chilling out" as the people liked to say then), but also highly danceable. Never since this period has club been again places where you could dance on such exquisite pieces of music. 
For those wondering, the strange title (a noticeable and clever part of the buzz surrounding this record) came from the title of a track included in one of BBC's LP of special effects sounds, named "Science Fiction Sound Effects N°26".
But beyond the music, the design was also fantastic. The Designers Republic offered here a very rewarding object, with a luxury of imaginative details, quotes or slogans, unseen since the days of Art Of Noise's sleeves at ZTT. The use of Helevetica Black, with tight line spacing, was turning titles into graphic objects, and this technique was later over-used by many imitators. And alongside with the processed star pattern, all these elements were re-used from release to release, evolving each time to provide a rewarding visual rendez-vous with the band's followers.
Label (Side A)
Label (Side B)
CD Single Edition - Front (1990) 
CD Single Edition - Back (1990)
Remix EP - Vinyl 12 inch - Front (1990)
Remix EP - Vinyl 12 inch - Back (1990)
Remix EP - CD edition - Front (1994)
Remix EP - CD Edition - Back (1994)

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