LFO - Frequencies

Vinyl LP (Front)
At the occasion of the re-release of this seminal album on Warp (celebrating the 20th anniversary of its release), let's enjoy again this marvelous piece of graphic design from the Designers Republic.
It followed the pattern settled through their first 2 singles and remixes, released in 1990 (like the first single we already discussed here) : strong logo plus the choice of a pure graphic approach.

LFO and TDR were also challenging the usual graphic rules of sleeve design : putting the tracklist on front, using the barcode as an integrate part of the design, showing a picture of the band, but treated in a way that makes then impossible to identify, having several pages in the booklet, but that unfolded without anything on it except a plain black color, etc.
Besides, the sleeve gave a sense of quality quite unusual at that time for a "House/dance" release, with this silver grey ink, contrasting beautifuly with the dark general tone of the design.
Everything here was claiming loud & clear "this is a f***in' step forward. This is Techno, big T, and it's a serious leap for electronic dance music". Awesome in every aspects.
Vinyl LP (Back)
Vinyl LP (Label Side B)
Vinyl LP (Side A)
CD booklet (Front)
CD Booklet (Back)
European pressing - Vinyl LP (Front)
European pressing - CD Booklet (Front)
European pressing - CD Booklet (Back)
European pressing - CD Booklet (Inside)
European pressing - CD (Back)

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