Miguel Migs - Outside The sky Line

Let's acknowledge it : most DJ artwork are simply awful. The day-to-day business side of the DJ job seems to push the industry into creating in-your-face vulgar works, 120%coloured, half naked prostitues and silly images of happy people throwing hands in the air. This is the Guetta-isation of design. 

Now here comes something different : for his album, Miguel Migs has chosen a typographic-oriented design that starkly contrasts with the rest of his friends. The previous single cover was even better. Not judging the music, this is at least a nice work on a design point of view. 
Let's hope he'll be selling loads of records, so people at the Majors stop considering deejays as circus attractions for half-drunk/dosed fireflies...

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  1. I believe that the album title is "Outside the Sky Line"