New Order - Blue Monday

This record from 1983 is not only the biggest selling 12 inch in history, but also, on a design point of view, an adventure in itself, and one of the most sought-after object in the field.
Inspired by the technological edge of the music, Peter Saville designed this floppy disc evocation, and removed any mention of the band name, title or label name. The only writing was on the spine : "FAC SEVENTY THREE". In fact, the infos were there, but expressed through a series of coloured blocks. Those having bought the album "Power, Corruption & Lies" could decipher it using the code printed on the back cover of it (the color blocks translates as "FAC 73 BLUE MONDAY AND THE BEACH NEW ORDER").

The  die cut external sleeve contained an immaculate grey inner sleeve, and you had to extract the record to be able to really identify it, through the label informations.
This die-cut cover is rumoured to have been so expensive that the label was losing money on each copy it was selling. Whether true, or another clever legend-making story from Factory, this sleeve was highly mysterious and catched the imagination of the record lovers.
Power Corruption & Lies - LP (front cover)
Power Corruption & Lies - LP (Back cover with the famous code)
Blue Monday - 12 inch (Label)

Blue Monday - 12 inch (back cover - black )
Peter Saville often confesses how disconnected his design could be from the actual personnality of the band or music. And it is true that the New Order covers in general, and this one in particular, were creating around the band a kind of mysterious and remote feeling ; like if the band would refuse to appears and prefers to hide behind its music.
But in this case, this sleeve was ultimately appropriate to evocate the synthetic edge of the music, its relentless and mechanical rhythms (especially the famous intro done with an Oberheim DMX drum machine), and it participated into making this track not only a huge success, but also a major influence for the techno generation (most trance artists considers this track as a milestone).

Below is the sleeve designs for the 1988 remix, much more classical in its form.
Blue monday 88 - 12 inch (Front)

Blue monday 88 - 12 inch (Back)

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