Various Artists - WipeOut

Not only did the videogame studio Psygnosis had the good idea to hire The Designers Republic to create the visual universe of the game,but they also choose a brilliant selection of tracks to make i a sonic blast! 
This compilation from 1995 was a direct continuation of the designs created by TDR, with their usual information overload style, the "everything-is-a-logo" thing, the over-organised lay-out, the Japanese influence, plus a brilliant typework for the title, down to the apostrophes referring to the lap count. Brilliant in every part. 
Note that they had used this custom-made typography on some more releases, just like the Joey Beltram "Caliber Ep" on Warp released a few month before.
Compact Disc (back)

Compact Disc (label)
Booklet (page 2)
Booklet (Page 3)
Booklet (Back)
Playstation game (front cover)

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