Firendly Fires - Hurting

On XL recordings, the new single from the British Indie band Friendly Fires, following the release of their album "Pala" in late may. It is a good occasion to talk about the cover of this album, art directed by Phil Lee : including a beautiful gatefold sleeve, with nice die-cut and striking photographies from  Sølve Sundsbø, this album cover is certainly one of the highlights of 2011.

The theme for the band's second album was inspired by Aldous Huxley's novel "Island" : thinking about how their career was evolving by now, the band tried to explore the theme of fallen utopias evocated by the book. The clever idea was to go beyond the usual representation of Utopias, and to focus on parrots (evocated by the novel as inhabitants of the Island). The striking beauty of this animal provided Huxley with a great visual expression of the idea of a doomed attempt at perfection, and maybe of a tragically "useless" attempt at beauty...
And it was also a great starting point to create a beautiful design for the sleeve.
The main typography (Neutra) is a classic choice, but giving the ensemble some elegance, reinforced by the use of a full coverage varnish that leaves the album title as a spot varnish.

2 commentaires:

  1. I think this project is somehow similar to 23 envelope cover for Xmal Detschland 'Tocsin'

  2. True. Who isn't influenced at one point by M. Vaughan Oliver! But, IMHO, the intention and result clearly differs. Will dig this.