Jam & Spoon - Tales From A Danceographic Ocean

19 years after the famous album of Yes "Tales From Topographic Oceans", The German duo Jam & Spoon set the world of techno into fire with this EP, granting the band the deserved status of one the few inventors of the Techno Trance formula, and what was to become the "Ibiza/Cafe Del Mar" sound, errr... 10 years in advance! 
Melodic, hypnotic, and progressive, it certainly was linked in some way to the progressive Rock effort of Yes, but R&S designer was clever enough to avoid some basic visual reference to it. Instead, he used a poetic photographic collage, contrasting with some "Hey-mom-I'm Techno" bitmap typeface.  
 The author of the designs of R&S at this particular period is still a mystery. Some covers seems to be attributed to a guy named "Raymond Jaquemins". But in a conversation with Joey Beltram, the guy mentionned having several conversations with a guy from R&S called "Yan", who was in charge of the cover designs... Any help to get more information on this is more than welcome!

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