New Order - Confusion

A follow-up to "Blue Monday", this single from New Order was produced and remixed by Arthur Baker, and is one of New Order's most successful track ever, with numerous imitations or remixes in different disguises being done since its release, in 1983.
Extracted from the album "Power, Corruption & Lies", this single was on the same wavelength than what Peter Saville had done with the album artwork, or the floppy disc design of "Blue Monday".

It used the same color code system (inspired by the color verification tools present on the borders of printing proofs), but this time, even the title was made out of those tiny color blocks. The fact that it made it difficult to read was not only a new iteration in the game of hide & seek between the label and its followers, but also an evident expression of the title of the release : Confusing it was! 
(One shall note that the only "non-blinking" letter was the black F, like in Factory...)

The prominent "93" was the catalogue identity in Factory's numbering. Having the catalogue identity number as the most decipherable item on this cover was another example of Dadaistic provocation from both Saville and Factory. It was also quite a statement to offer for identitification a number instead of, let's say, a picture of the band, or at least their name! And for lots people and record stores, the record was identified for a long time as a single named "Ninety-three"!
One final note : to most people under 35, this song is mostly known from its heavy-stomper techno cover by The Pump Panel (aka Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani) on Missile Records (released in 1999), as seen in the famous blood bath club scene in t he beginning of the movie "Blade" from 2001.

This incredibly powerful track started as a B-side dub version of their famous track Ego Acid. Unfortunaltely, the sleeve wasn't as powerful...

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