Squarepusher presents Shobaleader One – d'Demonstrator

This release, the last album to date from Tom Jenkison, is certainly his most disturbing one (which is quite a statement knowing the bizarreness of Squarepusher's music since his debut on Rephlex, back in 1994!) 
The cover photography, from Daniel Milne, not only reflects perfectly the highly (painfully?) digital nature of the sound of the album. It also conveys the feeling that the listener faces an alien with a mission, and not an easy one! The dialectic between the familiarity of the silhouette (a hooded urban activist), and the menacing inhumanity of the "light eye" is creating a strong and accurate personality for this album.
The back cover gets into more known territories, with a retro 70' graphic design, and comes as a stark contrast with the 

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