2562 - Fever

Released in late april, the third album from Dave Huismans is worth a notice, even 7 months later : it had a refreshing sleeve, as much as a nice concept.
The idea behind the music was that 2562 used sounds, extracts and samples from his 70' and 80' Disco collection, treat them and combine them in order to forge an hommage to the original 4x4 stylistic elements, but twisting them through the Dubstep, Post Garage the Techno musical techniques of our time.
Logically, the artwork expresses his fascination for the era, and shows him as the boy he was back then. The picture is credited to Hans Huismans, presumably his father.
The treatment of the image has the delicate color balance of an old picture, and subtlely evocates nostalgia, without the excess of the Instagram fashion. 

The overall design of this album is co-credited to Dave and Erjee Vroling from Erjee Graphic imagery.

Compared to his second album, "Unbalance", on Tectonic, all this feels so much more original and emotional. The artwork of this previous album, credited to Vector Meldrew (aka Alex Donne Johnson), was certainly in tune with the mood of its time. But it was so much more average and interchangeable with any other electronic artist... It even felt more techno than the record truly was.

With "Fever", not only does the artwork perfectly matches the concept of the album : it also brings a welcome emotional feel, and a sense of individuality that is so often missing in electronic music nowadays.

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