The Black Dog - Music For Real Airports

The collaboration between the famous Shieffield band The Black Dog and the creative agency Humanstudio, that offered us the "Liber" serie of artworks we talked about recently, has started in 2010 with a multimedia art project. This album on Soma Recordings is the sonic part of it.

While the Black Dog squad is an established reference for electronic music since their debut in early 1989, Humanstudio isn't exactly a band of rookies too : it has been founded by Nick Bax, formely art director at The Designer's Republic. 
Beyond the quality of the multimedia project, this sleeve design is also a great example of subtle art direction. Being an ambient release, and an obvious answer (or riposte) to Brian Eno's ambient masterpiece ("Music For Airports", 1978), it cleverly avoid the easy path of reference or parody.

It focus on the highly structured spaces that airports are, with their codes, their organised complexity, and their balance between simplicity and high technology. 
But what this sleeve also shows is that all this album is about people, about the way airports are trying to cope with these inconstant bags of flesh it seems to consider us all ;-) 
Without overthinking the artist's intentions, it feels that the images shows something looking like the mechanical parts of a lens, that is focusing on the people : passengers (back cover) or airport controllers (front).

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