Bleep - Top 100 tracks of 2010

Worth a look back, this brilliant piece of design was a way for to give a physical reality to the work they've been doing for years.
In 2009, Bleep had already created such an offer, but they decided in 2010 to go further and make it a physical object. Maybe it was for marketing reasons (creating more appeal and  a gift card allowing more customer loyalty). True. But they did it in a way that was so rewarding for the customers and/or fans, that it doesn't felt greedy in any way. 
And design was key in that! Beyond a great bargain (100 tracks for about 30 pounds), this gif card came as a nice object with embossed download code in a  clear plastic card holder with 2 silver foil stickers. Such a luxurious and refined design was a good way to counteract the intangible nature of the digital download thing.

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