Cabaret Voltaire - Hypnotised

Designer's Republic meets Cabaret Voltaire! After years of collaboration between the Shieffield band and the famous London art director Neville Brody, that produced numerous influencial sleeve designs, the band started working with The Designer's Republic with this single on Parlophone, released in 1989. 

Hypnotised (Back)
This switch accompanied the musical evolution of the band : this single was their first House Music record, and soon Richard Kirk would release his first single as Sweet Exorcist on Warp, "Testone". 
As The Designer's Republic were based in Shieffield, and in charge of the visuals and artworks of the Warp, their meeting was bound to happen.

In terms of design, this was a perfect example of TDR's style of the time, from the use of Helevetica Black with very tight leading and spacing, down to the use of the same purple as for Warp generic sleeves!

It was also very typical for them to create a logo for everything. Of course they did it with the band name, reduced to the two letters CV, with a lightning flash in between. 
But they also did it with the title of the single : in fact the only illustration of the title was this small logo-graphic eye shown on front, and used on the remix as a pattern for the background.

The use of screentone on the image was also a favourite of TDR at that time (see The Orb's first single), and was a catchy way to create a sense of both modernity and retro-futurism, and add a "Techno" flavor to a design via a technical and mechanical aspect.

Final element : the composition made of semi circular forms was also very typical, and similar to what TDR would produce in 1990 for the first double album of The Orb. 

Hypnotised Remixes (Front)

Hypnotised Remixes (Back)

Beyond the original and the remixes EPs,  there also was a limited edition 12 inch, in a black fold-out sleeve, including a poster. The sticker afixed was showing again the logo in a very "Techno" piece of graphism.

There was also a limited edition 7 inch single, with a fold-out sleeve, and including a "Retro-postcard Set" : These 6 postcards featured stills from the most famous video of various CV singles.

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