Cabaret Voltaire - Johnny Yesno Redux

Released in 1983, Johnny Yesno was a film noir from Peter Care (a film noir... from Shieffield!). Cabaret Voltaire created the soundtrack of the motion picture, and Neville Brody created the artwork of the soundtrack LP. And if you remember the poster for the Ridley Scott's "Alien" that Neville Brody did back in 1979, the similarity of the graphic approach feels evident.
18 years later, Peter Care releases at last the original film on DVD, plus a new version of the film, "Johnny Yesno Redux" , with Richard H. Kirk remixing the original soundrack he did with Cabaret Voltaire.
The new sleeve design presents a completely opposed balance between image and typography : quite a typical expression of the evolution of the motion picture posters since 1983...

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  1. Here's my album edit for 'Johnny YesNo Redux':