Gonjasufi – A Sufi And A Killer

While waiting for the forthcoming new Gonjasufi release on Warp, let's have a look at his previous album (released in march 2010) with its intensely graphic psychedelia, which was the work of Michael Raymond Russel, aka MRR.
Avoiding the easy paths of the indian inspiration behind Sumac Valentine's music, and giving such an austere yet rewarding visual experience was a coup de maitre, and MRR created here a truly captivating object that do what the best sleeves has to : being a companion for the music, that inspires the listener,  and not a mere illustration of the idea or concept of the piece.


The typework on the inside of the gatefold in itself is worth the visual ride : the triangular composition is subtly reinforced by the strategically placed letters A : details, details!

A final note to salute the growing psychedelia produced by the artworks of the vinyl labels. Wicked.

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