Guy Andrews - Shades

 This new bass single from Guy Andrews gives us the opportunity to salute the graphic consistency of the London-based Hemlock label, home of Untold or Breton, to name a few. 
Since their very first release, Hemlock has been using the same semi-generic sleeve design, with an ornamented pattern, and a colored sticker with the release infos. If this doesn't leaves room for much creation of visual universe, this design gives the label a status of serious and refined outfit.

Knowing that, to date, all the artists in the roaster are well-known (James blake, Pangaea, etc.), this comes as no surprise, the essential objective at this point for the label being to emerge itself.
Besides, no album has yet been released by Hemlock, and it is what usually triggers the building of separate visual identities.
Another example of Hemlock 12" release.

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