Hell & Anthony Rother - German Bodymachine

Just going for a simple label design is often the weak option when it comes to music artwork. It's fast and unexpensive, and mostly ends up with a generic lay-out + boring typography formula, which sole objective is to have djs and record sellers identifying the "product".
Sad thing, especially because creating visual appeal in a blink is what good design is about, and emerging  can make a difference in these situations, even if you're only caring about business results!

But with this Electro Techno single, Rother and Dj Hell obviously indulged themselves with the pleasure of having their face given the famous Kraftwerk's "Electric Café" treatment. This fanboy attitude gave the record a nice emotional charge. And once A-side had put a smile on your face, B-side reassured you with its trashed technical type composition. The stacked composition expressed the music's naive strength, and said : "this is going to be a piece of proper electro-techno pleasure from two current masters, with the added value of some modern roughness".

Now, is it an outstanding design ? No! But beyond the nice nod to the educated techno lovers, it is visually efficient, and certainly helped the record to stand out in the sea of mediocrity that flows in the record bins...

  • The artwork was from Rafael Jimenez Heckmann of Fuku Design, and 3D rendering from Larsoeschler.de

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