Joey Beltram - Volume 1

When it comes to anthemic tracks, few deserves the title as much as "Energy Flash" from Joey Beltram.
All tracks on this EP on R&S were excellent, but with "Energy Flash", a track that expresses the effect of Ecstasy on a dancer, the whole scene suddenly shifted from techno-house to Techno (some would add from 808-centric to 909-centric ;-). 

This happened because this EP was the encounter of the US sound of a key activist of the NYC scene, the young Joey Beltram (from Nu Groove fame) with the Belgian style : Beltram having composed and recorded this EP in the R&S studio, in Ghent, Belgium, with the help of the R&S studio team : Per Martinsen,  C. J. Bolland and Cisco Ferreira (aka The Advent).

On a design point of view, this strange illustrated face on the cover was so incongruous, colorful and totally unusual that the record literally flashed from the record bins! 

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