Joey Beltram - Volume 2

Following the release of Beltram Volume 1, this second volume came with a painted cover from Ghent artist Cris Brodahl, a contemporary artist which work is now represented by Xavier Hufkens.
If not exactly similar, this painting can be considered as an answer to the Third Earth paintings that where used on many Detroit releases (like Model 500 for example). The typographic composition was a bit bizarrely aligned, but striking.

Alongside with Beltram Volume 1 and a few others 12 inches, the tracks for this EP where re-released in 1996 on the "Joey Beltram Classics" compilation.

Christel Brodahl did another painting for a release of Joey Beltram :  the artwork for the famous Program 2 - The Omen 12 inch, released later that same year.

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