Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu

The deluxe edition of this collaborative album between Metallica and Lou Reed includes two CD, a giant poster (120x160mm) with the lyrics, and 3 large prints of Anton Corbijn's photographies. All this comes in a metallic tube. 

While the album has been widely very badly received, either by their respective fans or by critics,the artwork itself  does not create interest, nor true repulsion. The concept and design are from David Turner & Turner Dusckworth, while photographies are from Stan Musilek, except for the band's picture, which is from Anton Corbijn.

With its images of mannequins assembled with real naked body parts, it could be seen as an evocation of the strange nature of this album. 
Sadly, it mostly feels like an easy provocation (blood lettering, sexual evocation, etc.) and even Corbijn's back cover photography feels dull...

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