Nervmusic Records

This label from Moscow deserves a little stop : gathering activists of the nightlife in Moscow for six years, it released since 2009 a bunch of Electronic and Techno 12 inches, the latest one being the single from Andrey Zots we just reviewed here
On a design point of view, they uses Russian artists to create stuning artworks. Below are the previous ones.
Louer - Wabi Sabi EP (2010) - Artwork : Igor Skaletsky

Easy Changes - Karen EP (2009) - Artwork : Stas Zykov

Rudolf - Join The Army With Me EP (2009) - Artwork: Stas Zykov  

Pheek - The Friendliest Neighborhood EP (2010) - Artwork : Igor Skaletsky

Easy Changes - Supposed Dolls EP - Artwork : Igor Skaletsky
Benjamin Fehr - The Truth Is Not Outthere (2010) - Artwork : Roma Litvinov

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