Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepusher

Pure graphic design! In the eclectic visual story of Tom Jenkinson, this album from 2002 is certainly the one that graphically stands out, as it reduces all the meaning to an outstandingly simple shape, without losing any strength. 
With this design, Alexander Rutterford created a memorable icon. It certainly doesn't expresses directly the bizarre and sometime hectic nature of Jenkinson's music, but it perfectly embodies his characteristic trait : pushing boundaries by willingly going in the wrong direction (the square is pushed at the opposite of the natural direction), and experimenting the blend of jazz and electronic breaks, in a joyful way (it is such a pleasure to be the "square" one!) Not to mentions the fact that it creates an arrow using an empty shape... creativity is often about getting rid of some rules, and daring the forbidden. And Squarepusher is certainly a master at breaking rules... with breaks!

Note :  beyond being a gifted graphic designer, Alexander Rutterford is an acclaimed director who created, among other jewels, Autechre's "Gantz Graf" music video.

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