Sweet Exorcist - Retroactivity

We discussed before the interesting graphic story of Sweet Exorcist that marked the beginnings of Warp : the Designers Republic strongly influenced the Techno graphic style through these sleeves.
Now Warp releases a double CD compilation, gathering all Sweet Exorcist releases on Warp, plus some unrealeased mixes and outtakes.

This design is again the work of The Designer Republic, but compared to the original sleeve, it doesn't stands : beyond the title that comes as an easy idea, the artwork follows the same self-indulging pixel manipulation that Richard H. Kirk has been using for his latest iTunes exclusive releases like Sonic Reflections or his release as Vasco De Mento.
According to some hints on the net, RHK seems to be the author of those recent images. But while in the 80' he produced original manipulated images that were then used by Neville Brody, this ones wouldn't inspire much. And, sadly, they have reinforced the impression that RHK is more into releasing lots of "stuff" than refining them.

In this particular case, and even if TDR has been producing this image as long as the overall design, this low-tech rendering of the original Clonk's Coming artwork, with retro bitmap types on it,  feels a bit cheap and miss any added value. Retro, so let's go pixel ? Come on!
Kirk had already some recent artworks done by TDR (Biochemical Dread), or even by Jon Wozencroft (Darkness At Noon), that weren't really outstanding. But,at least, they tried to pays justice to the talent of this pioneer. Here TDR seems to have wanted to stay in the trail of Kirk's recent artworks, or haven't been very inspired...

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