Various Artists - IOTDXI

Since its come back, the legendary Belgian label R&S records has been releasing great records, either in the Techno, Dubstep or Electronic pop genre. But mostly with dull covers. Except for the Apollo "Past>Present>Future" compilation, most had generic sleeve, and the others weren't worth notice. 

This new episode in their famous "In Order To Dance" compilation serie isn't going to change this. The deformation of the famous stallion has a cheap Adobe Illustrator feel. Only attempt at creativity is the use of spot gloss print on the cover, and the use of a minimal semi cryptic title, acronym for In Order To Dance 11 (for year 2011). By the way, this name is another trademark example of the loosy numbering of release at R&S : it is in fact the 7th compilation to bear the "In Order To Dance" title...

The Cd is a double digipack, while the triple vinyl edition comes in a gatefold cover.

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