Philip Glass - Glassworks

Rustie's album "Glass Sword" is certainly one of the highlight of this year, both musically and visually. But it's worth noticing that beyond the influence of 70' Prog Rock and manga sharpness, the visual universe that he developed with Jonathan Zawada resonates with the artwork of this Philip Glass's release from 1982 (that was re-released in an expanded version in 1987). 
Beyond the title, the visual aesthetic is clearly on a parallel wavelength, and some might consider that Rustie's cover is at least a tribute to the cover artwork of Glass's album, if not to the seminal influence he had on many electronic artists...
(Note : the original artwork of "Glassworks" was created by Henrietta Condak, and the photography by John-Paul Endress. It had a brown general tint that is often missing on later reprints, and on images circulating on the net like the one above...)

Rustie's single "All nite"

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