Atom Communication

We evocated it here last week, the Belgian label Atom Communication had a striking visual identity during its short lifespan, from fall 1990 to 1992.

 The label was distributed by the famous label & record Shop USA Import (sic!) and started with a very famous European techno-house hit "Sub-house" by Sub System (aka the French duo Guy Rabiller and Ludovic Navarre, Navarre being later known as Saint Germain). Its catalogue numbering was using the letters MOM as "Molecule Of Music". But beyond the trivia, the use of a recurrent typography (Kabel) and of catchy Escher-esque optical illusion illustrations was standing out strongly at the time (early nineties!).

The generic sleeve used a simple lay out with, as you might expect, a prominent use of the label's logo.
Since the 7th release of the label, they changed a little beat, using a different and more techno-ish typography, and some techno-psychedelic computer generated images.

The few releases that came after that weren't worth noticing, especially compared to the strong and quite unusual personality of the label's visual debuts...

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