New Order – Touched By The Hand Of God

This famous single from 1987 wasn't on the original version of the Brotherhood album, but featured on the original soundtrack of the movie "Salvation". It's a great synth pop release. But more than this, it is part of the dichromat period of Peter Saville for New Order, but also his most elegant and minimalist period. 

Back cover (12")

The front cover, with this still life without any other infos wasn't a surprise for Factory and New order fans, as it once again defied any convention from the music industry. And of course, it ended in a lot of countries with some sticker on it!
French pressing with a sticker.

Inner cover 12"
But the most brilliant piece here was the typography. With this composition made to evocate a scale heading towards God, it still is an amazing piece of type design, using Helvetica in such an elegant way.

A funny thing, knowing that, while the song ended up talking about how love is magic, it was originally a tribute to quite a "prosaic" thing : a brilliant goal from Diego Maradona, scored for Argentina vs England in the 1986 football World Cup quarter-final match - a goal so magical that God was given credit for it... 

The joke side of this was such a contrast with this splendid artwork. Yet, it worked, as it was exactly what you would expect from them, and from a Factory release. Just like the funny videoclip directed by Katheryn Bigelow where the band joked about metal FM rock bands.  Yes, those guys could do anything, as long as they were doing it with style.

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