Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason - Sólaris

Released in late november, this Ambient and Modern Classical album from the collective Bedroom Community (distributed by Kompakt) is worth a look for two reasons.
First, the photography is powerful, with its delicate tweaking of colors, the poses of the guys, and the art direction of the ensemble, down to the furnitures, all this creating a very intriguing general feel.
Second, because of its semi-cryptic typography that catch the eye and adds to the mysterious feel of the ensemble. Then it's sad to see some very poor composition in the booklet and for the back cover, that doesn't come close to feel on the same delicate wavelength... 

The Artwork is from Brian Eno, Nick Robertson assisted by Anastasia Afonina, the Photography from Börkur Sigborsson. The design and lay-out is credited to Frosti Gnarr.

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