DVA - Pretty Ugly

The new album from DVA, released on Hyperdub is once again an occasion for Optigram to display their visual experiments. Here, they describes it as an attempt to visually illustrate Synesthesia. 

The fact is that while the ensemble feels a little more cheap. Not that the retouching feels wrong : on a drawing point of view it is great. But the general style of image goes toward cheesy symbolic brush painting à la 70'. I would compare it to the paintings of Siudmak, if you remember them, with their Dali-styled atmospheres, that already were lacking the real madness and sense of provocation of the master. 

Here, it is a bit of the same, and it feels strange to have gone back 30 years while trying to convey a futuristic tone... Well it seems easier for Optigram to do amazing abstract digital images than this kind of image... (see below)

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  1. reading the website, i think the bottom picture is not from the DVA album, but from another record on a different label