Fritz Kalkbrenner - Suol Mates EP

Having the portrait of the Dj on a compilation mix is usual, and it takes a lot to emerge in this field. We mentioned before how Resident Advisor successfully uses some very contrasted photographies images to do it. For this compilation curated by Fritz Kalkbrenner, the label Suol uses a try simple trick that works perfectly, and add an humorous tone that grabs the heart as much as the eye.
(The oldest among us will certainly link this one to John Pasche's famous design for the third album of the art Of Noise, back in 1989).

Photography is from Philip Nürnberger, lay-out by Nils Penner, and artwork from Goldener Westen studio, which explains : "The goal was to design a pithy cover that shows the different sides of the FritzKalkbrenner. A collage of front and profile view, creates an optical illusion."

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