Various - House Hallucinates Pump Up London Volume One

We were talking lately of the visualization of acid, and this one comes naturally to the mind : one of the first acid compilation released in Europe, back in 1988, it featured the "crème de la crème" of Chicago House and Acid House (mostly licenced from TRAX), including the everlasting classic of all classics, Phuture's "Acid Trax".

On a design point of view, this one was typically European, not to say English. the use of tightly spaced Futura, and of symbolic graphics was the heat of the moment in the graphic area.  This double-album had acid all over its gatefold cover and the inner sleeves.
The design was from Graham Tunna (who created brand identity for this label AM:PM) and Jeremy Pearce, while the ineer sleeve photography were credited to famous nightlife photographer David Swindells (even though I don't see which picture it was!)

An interesting comparison can be made with the Belgian version of this record (see bottom of page), done by Stephane Maes, aka BBB Barbery, which sleeve attempted to evocate the Acid idea with a psychedelic painting : far less "techno", IMO.

Of course, the influence of TDR was visible here, especially the one of Cabaret Voltaire's single "Hypnotize" we already evocated here.

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