The advent - Sonic Intervention

In the world of banging refined techno, Cisco Ferreira dominates since a long time. Far from his early releases on Belgian label R&S, Cisco has been producing more and more powerful techno records on various label like Tresor, Gigolo or on his own Kombination Research imprint.

Since 1996, he uses the same logo, sharp and pointy, but here, he's back with some artwork that is quite a change. No more minimal designs like on his KR labels, nor self-depictions via Abdul Haqq-ish drawings. 
Starting from his eyes (and his mind ?) this photographic palindromic experimentation expresses the flourishing yet tough (and a bit ominous) compositions that the album offers. And yes, there's a skull here.
More details from Cisco himself (Facebook is useful for one thing, then!) : "Its an artist from Sweden called Ziggy & Tony Villanen, they do a lot of art work for Cari Lekebusch.. & off course H-Produtions"

The Advent logo, since the releases on Internal, in the mid-90'

The album art of New Beginnings (1997), with illustrations from Jason McFee

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