Muse - The Second Law

The rainbow is back. While this CD/LP artwork for the latest Muse release isn't outstanding, it appears to  fit into this october trend of rainbow colors and flowers. Watch out for the next posts for more of it !
Here, the neuro images are supplied courtesy of the Human Connectome Project. Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, UCLA.
The double LP sleeve has an alternative photography and the limited edition box set is far more visually stunning, created by Modo.
<"Limited edition 12 x 12" box set featuring a thermal reactive, colour changing lid which uses printed liquid crystal ink, plus box set only artwork.

The box set contains a CD/DVD format of The 2nd Law housed in a special 7" sized 24 page bookpack featuring artwork exclusive to the box set. The box set also contains 2 heavyweight vinyl records housed in individual sleeves with bespoke artwork, 3 art prints featuring the album artwork, a box set only illustration and a brand new band photograph."

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