All Time Top 100

While the Classics page is about sleeve designs from the past that stood the test of time, or marked an interesting step in the history of design for music, this page is about the milestones, the all-time classics that deserves to enter the museum as much as they did entered the global culture.
Of course, it is a terribly subjective thing, and your opinion will be invaluable : day-to-day voting for the regular post will result in a ranking, and if a sleeve tagged "classics" gets enough post, it will be granted the right to enter this top 100.

One very important point is that we want to salute the quality of the sleeve design, not the success of the record : lots of records were great enough to triumph from an ugly cover! And on the other hand, some of the most fantastic works were done for average, of even disastrous albums! So, it is not about the most famous cover of all time, but about the best ever sleeve designs.

For the moment, we'll be adding scarcely items here until we reach the maximum of 100 contestants. There is no ranking yet, and your votes will help to create an order, via the annual competition. 
The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers - LP (1971)
David Bowie - Heroes (LP) - 1977

The Durutti Column - The Return of The Durutti Column (LP) - 1979
The Clash - London Calling  - Gatefold LP (1979)

U2 - War - Gatefold LP (1983)