Hi! As the objective of this place is to share en encourages brilliant design works for music (sleeve, posters, objects, etc.), your participation is of course welcomed.
Whether with adding a comment, or submitting works, please share with us all what you think is remarkable, and would deserves to be celebrated.

Any work is acceptable, as long as it has been released. (Old stuffs are welcome, if you think it would fit in The Classics section)
Of course, we won't publish everything you will submit. But if it catches our eyes (and presumably if you spend time reading us, you probably have the same taste inclinations than us ;-), we'll share it will all of our followers.
Please send any image, as long as it isn't too heavy, or post it somewhere for us to get it. Any additional infos about the release is welcome.
And we strongly encourages you to share your point of view in a short text, so we can learn from your eyes.
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Please also feel free to bring additional informations to the post like, designer's name and company, photographer's name or illustrator identity, etc. We really aim at encouraging quality work, and encouraging work means encouraging people!
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And just like this beautiful cover for The 1994 album of Robert Leiner on R&S says, several visions are better than one ;-)

Thanx a lot, and cheers.
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